Custom Clips


There are a bunch of pre-made clips, but here….

You get to direct your very own fantasy. 


You can pick what we wear, how long the video is, the quality of the clip, if we say your name, what toys we use, and what act we focus on! This link sends you to our very own Custom Order Form.

You must make sure you fully fill out the form for each act you want us to perform and every detail you hope to see. This form has the FULL LIST of what you can expect to see and experience in our custom/pre-made clips. If you do not see what you’re asking for, writing us and telling us that you wish we would do that will only get you blocked. Failing to fully fill out the custom order form will result in your order being rejected.

We do not want to block or reject any one or any order, so please follow all of the steps, take your time, and read everything clearly.


– Required Information –

  • Length of the Custom (5, 10, 15, etc..)
  • Video Resolution (Standard, HD, Mobil)
  • Delivery Option (Standard (4 weeks), 3 weeks, etc…)
  • Categories (this is where you direct us, do you want us to worship our booty, do you want us to shake it, smack it, and more…. check of every single little detail you want added to your custom. Remember, after you have paid for the custom, you CAN NOT add more details to the custom. You must purchase a new order)
  • Extras (do you want us to say your name, wear lingerie, send you the cum soaked panties, only sell you the custom (applies for 1 year (12 full months) only), etc…. Add that here. Make sure you add you hopes and dreams here….you don’t want us to leave you wanting more….or do you?
  • Tip….this is just that, it’s not required, but much appreciated. We love making your fantasies come true, but they take a lot of time, energy, and tools to produce….show us some extra love and lets us know how much you appreciate how hard we work for your pleasure.